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President's Message

Dear Members of the ICF Metro DC Chapter,

St. Francis de Sales wrote, “Be who you are, and be that well.”

And what an incredible group of people you are!

Smart. Kind. Generous with your time and talents. Funny. Diverse in all ways possible. Empathetic. Constantly learning. Willing to experiment. Driven to make a difference in our world through your work as coaches.  Juggling many commitments, including making space in your lives for the ICF Metro DC Chapter!

Stepping into this year of service to each of you, I am humbled by the challenge to make membership in our chapter relevant, indispensable and worthy of your energy as professional coaches. Guided by the rich work of the 2016-2017 Board members, there are at least two strategies we will employ to address this challenge:

  •   promote the gold standard of ICF-credentialed coaching in the Metro DC area to the potential buyers of coaching services
  • promote the gold standard of ICF credentials through ongoing CCEU and networking opportunities for our Chapter members, supporting their continued growth, development, and success as ICF-credentialed professionals. 

Everyone is invited to contribute to these strategies.  Please bring your super powers to the Annual Meeting on June 8, to learn more about these initiatives and help us mold them.

When we are successful, I believe we will be able to celebrate two significant outcomes:

  • More great ICF-credentialed coaches doing more great work!
  •   Members experiencing the ICF Metro DC Chapter as a value-returning investment of energy and resources! 

 If “volunteer” was an acronym, I think the first letter would stand for “value.” And value is binary – we’ve got to give it and we’ve got to get it.  Along with the all-volunteer Board members of your chapter, I ask you to join us in giving and getting value. This will ensure your Chapter is relevant, indispensable, and worthy of your energy.

Thank-you for all you have been, for all you are, and for all we can be together!

With gratitude,

Kori Diehl, PhD, MBA, PCC, ACE Certified Health Coach

President, ICF Metro DC Chapter, 2017-2018

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Upcoming Chapter Events

June 8

Annual Meeting

Please join us at our ICF Metro DC Chapter Annual Meeting, Thursday, June 8, 7-9 pm at the Bechtel Conference Center.

Come and meet your new Board members and join in the conversations about 2017-2018 visions of success for our chapter.   

Register now!

October 19, 2017 – Save the Date! Horse Sense for Coaches!

Join us for a unique 6-CCEU experience at Frying Pan Park in Herndon Virginia! Guided by the interaction between horse and trainer, we’ll look for insight into active listening, contracting, gaining commitment and other core coaching competencies. Save the date for a non-traditional day of learning and sharing with your fellow coaches and friends from our strategic partnerships.

Registration will by open on July 1.

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Special Chapter Announcement(s)


Renew Membership

ICF Membership indicates your commitment to the profession and to your clients. But equally important—it is simply an investment in yourself. Renew Online Today! 


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Community Coaching Coffees

You're invited! Attend a Community Coaching Coffee!

Community Coaching coffees have brought together coaches of all experience levels, training backgrounds and specialties resulting in a great cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives. 

There will be a balance of facilitated and free conversation.

The event is free other than your purchase of a beverage or menu item at the venue.  Members are welcome to join one or many coffees at the various locations! 

More information


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Pro Bono Coaching

In an effort to capture how our members are contributing to our chapter, we want to hear where you are donating your time. Please take a moment to tell us if you have done any volunteering so far this year!

Please use our new online form to self report your volunteer hours!



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Non-Chapter Events

ICF Competency Tune Up -

8 Week Course -

19 CCEU's or 7 Mentor Coach Hours

Winter Feb 6-Mar 27, 2017 & Fall Sept 11-Oct 30, 2017 - Monday's 10-11:15 am. ET

Offered by web platform Zoom - access by internet and/or phone

  • Take your coaching to the next level - Deepen learning about the ICF Core Competencies
  • Explore and practice coaching techniques - Demonstrate peer group and learning lab coaching


Julie Shows, MCC and Jennifer Whitcomb, MCC are pleased to offer this program to help you ground and enhance your coaching by exploring and practicing the 11 Core Competencies and PCC Markers. Filled iwth practice open and experiential learning, the program is designed to provide a collaborative, safe place to try on new skills or tune up your understanding of the competencies with a community of peers and certified mentor coaches.

Contact Kat at for a registration form

Contact Jennifer @ for more information.

Cost: $1095

Leadership Embodiment Coach Training (LECT)
Jun 8-11; Aug 3-6; Oct 12-15, 2017 

Location:  The George Washington University Alexandria Graduate Center, 413 John Carlyle St #250, Alexandria, VA 22314 (5 min walk from the King Street Blue/Yellow Line Metro Stop)
Event Sponsor:  The George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership in Partnership with Leadership Embodiment
Presenter(s):  Wendy & Tiphani Palmer
Contact Person:  Ina Gjikondi-Cecchetto
Contact Phone Number:  202.994.5313
Contact E-Mail:

It's All Made Up LIVE!

Event Title:  It's All Made Up LIVE!

Date:  June 8 - 11, 2017

Location:  Silver Bay, NY

Event Sponsor:  Rick Tamlyn/It's All Made Up, Inc.

Presenter(s):  Rick Tamlyn, Monica Shah, Suzanne Evans, Larry Winget

ICF Member Cost ($): $197.00 payble in advance/full refund given upon arrival on day one of the event.

Contact Person:  Chuck Lioi

Contact Phone Number:  818 641 - 6142

Contact E-Mail:


Event Description:  

Whether you’re a heart-centered entrepreneur with a proven business plan, a newly certified coach with big dreams and hungering for more clients, someone who is simply wanting a more dynamic and engaging life, or you are just plain ready for a change, It’s All Made Up LIVE will provide you with concepts, strategies, proven tools and real ideas to bring your vision to life, or take your already successful business to the next level.

Join internationally known thought leader and Hay House author Rick Tamlyn on a journey that will transform you from the inside out. Rick believes that we each arrived on this earth as amazingly creative spirits. And he believes that we get to make up our lives – and it’s our birthright – to do it however we choose. We truly get to design, create, and make up our life in a way that works for us.

Rick believes when we focus on the impact we want to have WITH our life, we begin to attract and create more of what we want IN our life! For some, that’s a radical idea. For Rick, it’s how he lives his life, and he’s excited to share his philosophy with you.

A pioneer in the coaching industry, Rick was one of the first to receive the MCC (Master Certified Coach) credential, and has made it his business to remind each of us that life is all made up. For the past 25 years he’s traveled the globe and has trained and coached thousands of individuals and Fortune 100 teams in over 20 countries.

Here’s the deal… It’s so easy to forget that you’re in the driver’s seat of your life. From time to time you get stuck and confused, and you drift from what matters most. You spend your day managing the circumstances thrown your way. But you’re ready to take ownership of your life and play your Bigger Game.

Foundation Course for Coaches

Date: September 18th - 22nd, 2017

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Event Sponsor: Newfield Network

Presenter:  Julio Olalla, MCC

ICF Member Cost ($): 3,000

Non-Member Cost ($): 3,000

Contact PersonLinda Fisher

Contact Phone Number: 1.303.449.6117

Contact E-Mail:


Event Description:

Ready to bring new and more powerful ways of knowing into your coaching and your personal life?

Then join us for the Foundation Course to learn the Ontological approach to coaching:

•    Be exposed to a solid body of knowledge, models & practices, based on the generative power of language, emotions, and body.

•    Learn how our discourses (personal history, gender, culture, etc.) constitute us and affect our capacity to act.

•    Experience how the body is our conduit for learning and lasting change and how to break immobilizing patterns.

•    Discover how moods and emotions impact our ability to take action. 

      Earn 30 ICF CCEU’s

Click here to learn more.

 “The paradox of coaching is that to be a masterful coach, we need to be voracious learners from many disciplines and acquire the skill of creating numerous distinctions…and then to completely surrender our knowing when we enter a coaching conversation.”     -  Julio Olalla


Want your program here? Email

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Communities of Practice


Communities of Practice (CoP) offers an additional venue for coaches in similar fields to communicate best practices and new ideas. CoPs generally meet by teleconference once a month. You can join by contacting a CoP leader directly.

Government Community of Practice

Date: 2nd Wednesday of each month | Time: 7:00 PM ET
Leader(s): Sue Stein, Ed.D., ACC
Maryland Chapter Liaison: Lynn Chandler, ACC
Bridge line: (605) 475-3215, access code 548301#
Contact: Please email Larry Westberg to be added to the roster for CoP members at

Facilitating Learning and Results Community of Practice

Date: 2nd Saturday of each month | Time: 10:30 AMET
Leader(s): Anne Kelly, PCC

Leadership Community of Practice - via ICF

Date:1st Thursday of each month | Time:11 a.m.
Leader(s): Ms. Hsuan-Hua Chang, Leadership MBA
Bridge: Webinar - visit for complete details

See more Communities of Practice at

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